Need Help making some pics overlays, Dont know how!

Heyy guys this is my first post, i need your help, i got some pics i tried making into overlays but every site i have tried doesnt work for me and the white,black or checkered background is still there. If you can help me out with these i would be soo thankful!! Also how do i make a drive where people can use my overlays and backgrounds i make or use without them looking at stories im writing?? By the way if you would like to use them i dont mind!

1529a82a9a336ababe221dfc2b321243 27cf85a7cfd9f2be15299c464cdefcb2 414bc71a3803069251efb2429f697c4f Blue%20Flame%20-%20Blue%20flame cf2088d3f791f21d847ee2e319f8bc02 download%20(2) f19e1758d65897358db68355dc7de1fd Fire%20Flame%20-%20Flame%20Hand Fresh%20Inspiration Kiriban%20_%20Serena%20Enchantix%20Wings%20by%20ColorfullWinx%E2%80%A6 Someone%20needs%20to%20set%20up%20a%20Go%20Fund%20Me%20to%20buy%20a%20new%E2%80%A6 String%20Holiday%20Lights%2C%20Lights%2C%20Festival%2C%20Lantern%E2%80%A6

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I think I actually have a few of them, hold on.
Edited: Here ya go :two_hearts: I hope some work, lol

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Thank you soo much guys!! Ive been soo frustrated trying to figure out how to make them and stuff.