Need help, my script ses that a goto is false can some one help me

yestorday it sed that there were no errors and today it is that a label doesn’t exist when it cleary exists
![Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-17 a la(s) 7.06.17 a. m.|690x484]
Can someone help me please

You screenshot wasn’t uploaded properly. Can you please upload it once again?

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sorry for the million of pages I never close anything

I don’t see any errors as such. Try putting an empty line before label end. Not sure if it’ll work though. And also check for spelling errors after the label end part.

I allready did all that and it still doesn’t work

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That’s weird… Sometimes I used to get this error if I mispelled something such as readerMessage but if there’s no such error then I’m not sure why it’s happening. Sorry for not being able to help.

Probably put a @pause for a beat before the line 206, since the system may not be able to do both music off and goto the next label at the same time.

@pause for a beat
goto end

it’s ok if it still happens for tomorow I will change the position and make it go just before the end

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ok I will try

thanks @xANGEL it is working now

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Try putting
goto label end
Instead of just goto end

it ses save but because I take of something that I dont put that is puting an empy line that way I know exactly how many lines I have because then it apreas that I have more that What I have writen

that woulsn’t work because goto label end isn’t in the episode formating

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