Need Help! Need drawing program!

Hello lovely people! I am trying to find a program to draw my own backgrounds any ideas??? Please and thank you!

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I use ibispaint X, adobe draw, or adobe sketch! Ibispaint x is one that is used more often :blush:

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Here’s all of the free programs that I’ve tried:
Mobile: Adobe Sketch, Ibispaint X, Autodesk Sketchbook (I’ve tried Adobe Draw too although it’s not that great for backgrounds/detailed stuff)
Computer: Gimp, FireAlpaca (tbh I haven’t tried many free computer drawing programs, I just use Photoshop but that’s expensive)

I generally sketch in MediBang Paint and finish the drawing in Photoshop. But I could achieve that whole thing just in Photoshop or MediBang Paint , or even in one of the other software. It just comes form so how comfortable you are with your workflow.

As a tip I’d say get used to using the keyboard shortcuts your painting software provides. my art drawing pad xp-pen deco pro has 8 hotkeys and double wheMakes the process a whole lot faster