NEED HELP (Need help by creating questions at the end of an chapeter)

Hey.So many times while reading a story at the end of a chapter authors ask would you like to follow them on a social media platform and when you answer with yes you get directly to their account,through an link I think,which you tap when you tap this option,I think.And also their is sometimes the question would you like to add their story to your favorites.So I wanted to ask how do they do that?

They don’t do it. Episode does it. On the writers portal, under the name of your story, you can press “More Options”. When you do it, look just a little above the “Smaller Options” text. You should see three places to put something in. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Put your account/s in the box/es and it save it. It will show it to the readers of your stories. It won’t show to you when you preview it, but it surely will to your readers.

I hope this explains it.


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