Need help New writer


hi guys, im new in making a story can someone pls… help me or guide me in making a story thanks so much …love u


I’d gladly help you! I’m in the process of writing 3 stories at the moment, (I know, a lot to write xD) but i’d love to help you out!


thank you @ellaw.episode


how do you start your story?


Well, to begin with you need to think of the story and how it’s going to end, if you’re going to add choices and the story line before you begin writing.


Do you have instagram? I’d gladly help you out on there. If you do, follow me on @ellaw.episode and we can DM :grinning:




Do you have an instagram account i can reach you on?


im onna message you on ig




You can use me form here: if you need help! :grin: