Need help on adding different ideas for each chapter of my story

hey guys! so im going to be starting a new story and i need some help. i have some ideas in mind for different chapters of the story but, i dont have enough ideas (plot twist) to really expand the plot out. i porbably dont make sense atm so please ask me questions below this thread. i would really appreciate your help, below this is the general plot of the story :wink:

a girl is an esscort, who doesn’t take time and invest in long lasting realtionships with the opposite sex. she gets payed to take the guy out and show some little bits, simple right? Expect what happens when she crosses path with the guy she lost her v card to?

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this post is new authors solidarity ok :joy:

first of all, do you have the ending(s) in mind? you don’t have to tell me what it is bc yeah spoilers are bad but it’s REALLY important to know where you’re going, then and only then you can begin to plan the middle. will it have choices? will the mc be a character or just a placeholder for the player? will it have points?

well i have some of the ending in mind but for sure i want them to end up with each other

it will have choices, the mc will be the character that the player is going to be playing, no it will not have points

i just don’t know what i want to happen between the beginning to end

yet the middle is the most important part of a story. i’d recommend looking into outlining for books, when you’re a beginner in writing middles it is very useful. Since you’re writing romance, this one: is extremely useful and I myself use it, look at the image here and ignore the word count/page count, just look at what’s supposed to happen and imagine it. A story is conflict, for romance especially, you need one of these two (or both, sometimes, but I’d recommend starting with focusing on one) internal conflit, or external conflict. internal conflict would be the escort not being ready for a relationship (for example), external conflict would be the family of the guy not approving of her. you can see on the picture there’s both of them and you have to choose, make a choice and keep to it. is it them the problem, or the world around them? if you need more help, don’t hesitate, i’m glad to.

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