Need help on ANYTHING just ask meeee

Hey beautiful ppl The name is yasmine And I’m writing a story on episode … Feel free to ask any question (even a stupid question just ask babies) AND YEAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE YAA


Hii! xD this might be a weird one lol but how do you add a splash in your story? should I just upload it on the art catalog? XDD

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1.Thanks for asking hun and yea here in the forums you can find persons or creators who will do them for you and then you just upload them I hope I helped and here is my splash That I asked someone to do for me : (please don’t use it XD)

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Yay! Thank you <3 The splash you made is amazing <3 and I’m editing my splash right now xD i was just wondering where should I upload it so I could use it <3

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(I didn’t make it someone made it for mehh but thanks ) and I just Go to art catalog and then backgrounds (for my story) and upload it there :heart:

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Thank you so much <3

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And come back anytime you need help :heart:


Can you split screens??

Can you explain more please ?

Is there like a way to split the screens in like 2 or 3 sections for like as an example a phone call?

I’m not sure I understand you mean zones of something ?

Like splitting the screen in half… Like idk how to explain it…

Or I think I understand is it like this ?


Okay sadly there is no backgrounds like that in the catalog but you can create one and upload it to your story all you need to do is :
-Download (I used it and recommend it )
-Download 2 of the background you want
-Watch a tutorial on how to use the app and yea

ooohhh ookay thanks anyway

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Hi I was wondering how to make a character to stand in a certain spot on the floor when they’re lying on the bed. I am very confused and have tried numerous of times!

Come back when you need help :heart:

@PerplexedJam shared some backgrounds here


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Heyy hun Ik it may be confusing how to make a character lay I had that problem as well so right now I need you to follow what i say :
@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2 (for example) AND CHARACTER is lay_asleep (or something)
They you test the story but there is no character so you will click on Directing Helper then spot helper And put the character in bed and then then copy the spot Then As i did in my story :
@CHARACTER is lay_asleep_loop AND CHARACTER faces left
I hope you get it