Need help on ANYTHING just ask meeee

I still didn’t upload it but the name is high school crush and the name of the author (AKA me is jazmiiine ) And thank you when I upload it I’ll tell you

Thank you! You helped me so much! Now I’m stuck on something else :frowning: so I’m doing a story where the reader can choose there name well the name is on everything until I get to the speech bubble I know to use the display name which but it tell says that name is not in the system which I do not understand and it’s really hard to explain this but if you need a picture just let me know :slight_smile:

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Can you post a screenshot?

Hi I was just wondering if you can get images from the internet- I’ve seen multiple authors do it. I just use the free stock photos. (I really don’t wanna break the rules)

This might be a stupid question but anyways, how can i make my character exit while doing run_normal when they’re smaller than the usual scale. (My character keeps on getting bigger)? and thx:kissing_closed_eyes:

You have to place your character offscreen and use walk to spot command

Here’s the link t help you with that:

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Ok thank you :blush:

I never actually used the name thing So I don’t know BUTT I will look for it and tell yaa

What do you mean ? can you explain more please ?

And please can you take a screenshot ?

I really don’t know but I will look for it

Your welcome and thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to read it when it’s out. :smile:

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Hii! I was wondering how to get a character to stand in a zone that isn’t currently on the screen. For example, I want two people to be talking in one zone, then when I pan over to the other zone, I want the person already standing there. Sorry if this sounds confusing!

All you need to do is put:
@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone (put zone here)
@CHARACTER spot (put spot here) in zone (put zone here)
You don’t have to do screen left. It can be anywhere. Hope I helped :smile:

Thank you! That definitely helped. :))

No problem.

Hi, I’m actually trying to get the hang of adding moving overlays in my script. I know how to add tears on the character, and how to scale or place the tears on the character as well. My only problem is getting the tears to actually from my characters eyes. For instance, if I’m standing screen center and I’m facing right, there are large numbers that pop up. I know I’m suppose to add the background and add with overlay but I’m having a hard time adding the actual coordinates for it. There is this long number which pops up. So it’s a little confusing this is my first time using moving overlays but I feel like I’m really close to mastering moving overlays. I am able to move the overlay but I can’t place it directly on the character so it’s actually falling from the characters eyes in the position I just described. If you are good with advanced directing, or moving overlays can you help me please?

I’m not a pro or something like that but I recommend reading this article :

And I hope I helped even a little …

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Thank you