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Hii! I was wondering how to get a character to stand in a zone that isn’t currently on the screen. For example, I want two people to be talking in one zone, then when I pan over to the other zone, I want the person already standing there. Sorry if this sounds confusing!

All you need to do is put:
@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone (put zone here)
@CHARACTER spot (put spot here) in zone (put zone here)
You don’t have to do screen left. It can be anywhere. Hope I helped :smile:

Thank you! That definitely helped. :))

No problem.

Hi, I’m actually trying to get the hang of adding moving overlays in my script. I know how to add tears on the character, and how to scale or place the tears on the character as well. My only problem is getting the tears to actually from my characters eyes. For instance, if I’m standing screen center and I’m facing right, there are large numbers that pop up. I know I’m suppose to add the background and add with overlay but I’m having a hard time adding the actual coordinates for it. There is this long number which pops up. So it’s a little confusing this is my first time using moving overlays but I feel like I’m really close to mastering moving overlays. I am able to move the overlay but I can’t place it directly on the character so it’s actually falling from the characters eyes in the position I just described. If you are good with advanced directing, or moving overlays can you help me please?

I’m not a pro or something like that but I recommend reading this article :

And I hope I helped even a little …

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Thank you

Tell me if it helps :heart:
Come again if you need more help hun :heart:

Hi! I figured out what was going on! I have just one more question are we allowed to name the characters anything we want or do they have to be basic names? Because it says it can’t have any errors so I was wondering if the names applied also… Thanks

You can name a character as you want :slight_smile:

@Panda_pizza_yasmine sorry, never mind- I kinda answered my own question lol- thanks for your concern tho

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I saw in some stories that these white bars appear above the screen. With texts like 5 days later…
Do you know how you add them?

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Oh you mean the readerMessage ; it’s so easy all you need to do is write this :
readerMessage (here you write your message and that’s it) like this in my story : YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA

Come back if you need something :heart:

@Pizza_panda_yasmine 1. Lol. 2. I’m really bad at making choices that affect the story. Sometimes it works on the script- but when I play it on my phone I play one choice- it works, then when i replay and test the other choice it just says the same thing as the first choice. Any tips? Oh and thank you soo much :smiley: :smile:

okay so all you need to do is basically click on Navigation then restart Episode
I hope I helped yaa :heart:

How do you add text into your story? I’ve seen this in stories such as Instant Princess where the author has the name of a city in a scene, but it’s an overlay. Also, how would you move the text overlays?

You have then to create an overlay and you move an overlay by clicking on Directing helper then overlay something Yeaa

Okay I found out how to do it. Someone taught me how to do it step by step.

I’m trying to do the earthquake/shake effect i see when characters scream. Anyone have a template?

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