Need help on ANYTHING just ask meeee

Thank you for that but what about standing up? basically like getting up out of bed? I tried something similar to the first thing you said to try to get them to stand up and still no luck.

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To stand up I thhink there is an animation so you put that and if the character is out of the screen you basically use the spot helper and write it like
@CHARACTER is stand_up (or something I forgot XD)
Try it and tell me hun :heart:

I just wanna know what your story is called :smile:

I still didn’t upload it but the name is high school crush and the name of the author (AKA me is jazmiiine ) And thank you when I upload it I’ll tell you

Thank you! You helped me so much! Now I’m stuck on something else :frowning: so I’m doing a story where the reader can choose there name well the name is on everything until I get to the speech bubble I know to use the display name which but it tell says that name is not in the system which I do not understand and it’s really hard to explain this but if you need a picture just let me know :slight_smile:

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Can you post a screenshot?

Hi I was just wondering if you can get images from the internet- I’ve seen multiple authors do it. I just use the free stock photos. (I really don’t wanna break the rules)

This might be a stupid question but anyways, how can i make my character exit while doing run_normal when they’re smaller than the usual scale. (My character keeps on getting bigger)? and thx:kissing_closed_eyes:

You have to place your character offscreen and use walk to spot command

Here’s the link t help you with that:

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Ok thank you :blush:

I never actually used the name thing So I don’t know BUTT I will look for it and tell yaa

What do you mean ? can you explain more please ?

And please can you take a screenshot ?

I really don’t know but I will look for it

Your welcome and thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to read it when it’s out. :smile:

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Hii! I was wondering how to get a character to stand in a zone that isn’t currently on the screen. For example, I want two people to be talking in one zone, then when I pan over to the other zone, I want the person already standing there. Sorry if this sounds confusing!

All you need to do is put:
@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone (put zone here)
@CHARACTER spot (put spot here) in zone (put zone here)
You don’t have to do screen left. It can be anywhere. Hope I helped :smile:

Thank you! That definitely helped. :))

No problem.