Need help on background characters

I’m writing a story where I want background characters on INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY I want the characters to be on their phones, talking to each other etc.

its just I do not know how to do it? Is it like a template or what?

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This is how I do it I name the characters in my script template without creating em like this

&/BG1 stands screen center in zone # (# is the the zone number insert the number)

&/BG2 stands screen center in zone 2 and so forth

Keep doing that and add which way they’re facing

&BG1 faces left or right and do that for all characters

Then add the animations

&BG1 is does_animation (insert animation)

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In addition to what @xetic has said, you probably have to use spot directing to resize the characters and place them exactly where you want in the background after they are on the screen.

When you preview your script, you can move and adjust the characters’s sizes on the screen to make them smaller using the Spot Helper tool (click on Directing Helper if you don’t see it).
On the portal, you can then copy and paste the code for spotting the character from the box directly below into your script.

Also, use animations that loop so that the characters will continue doing those actions.


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@cathyp you can find templates on the forums, just search for them :slight_smile:

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