Need help on character placement in script

I need to place 2 characters on the coach and one character across the way on the opposing chair

You’d have to use spot directing

How do I do that? I’m new to this. Is their an Episode guide in this?

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If you open up the Episode Script and click “Preview”. It will show up with buttons, tell me when you reach that. I’ll show you how to get to that. :slight_smile:

And, explain how Spot Directing works. No worries, I was new to Episode scripting as well. :laughing:

I’m there now

Alright, do you see the button “Preview.” Make sure to have your background ready and some characters ready. :slight_smile:

Yes, Im ready

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If you are new to adding backgrounds, characters, etc. I’ll see if I can help you.

First, add your background by typing it out. Make sure to use capitals like this “INT. BACKGROUND.”

Check out this on Spot directing:

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After that, place your characters using Spot Directing. If you click on Preview and look onto the side and see a button that says “Navigation”, click on it and find “Spot Directing.” But, first…place your character in a spot like a random number and then you’ll be able to move it around once you accessed Spot Directing. I recommend using this.


@CHARACTER spot 0.300 300 300

If you want your character to be in a specific zone and want it to be in that zone when the scene begins. Use this as a command…

@cut to zone #

@natashadavis I’d recommend watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials as a way to get started directing on Episode and I’d also recommend that you read the guides-it will be super helpful.

Also, I’m curious, are you writing in ink, limelight or classic?

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I recommend listening to Jen, she is really good at this stuff. I will sound too confusing. :laughing:

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Thank you! I will finish working on this in the morning. This coding is making my head spin.

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I’m writing in Ink since it looked simple to do

No worries, hey. I was like you when starting this stuff. Like Jen said, you could read the forums itself or watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials.

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Nice choice, INK is a great style to start. Don’t worry about starting today, you have tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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@EllieThatWriter I have 3 different story ideas, I just have to make it through the 1st story before I start the 2nd one. I already have characters. The last one I had its super complex and probably make me use lots of overlays since it’s about witches and the supernatural

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