Need help on making it seem like he is grabbing her

When someone is walking to a specific spot can I use @CHARACTER walks to spot x y in zone # while idle_run??

@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in zone # AND CHARACTER does it while idle_run

thankx… Do you know how to make covers?? There is a specific cover I want and I don’t know how to do it.

you can ask creator o the forum there are people who opan art shops they can help you! I’m more of an coder :joy:

I can help you out, depending on what you want it to look like.

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and I also found a threath it’s you’re choice who you want xxx

Okay, the cover I got seems to plain to me…

I want the Galaxy in the Background but I wanted to the main character to be on the cover with beams around her with also the title.

Apoligized for asking so much on the coding but I still need help, I’m Trying to finish this so I can publish it in. This is my tenth episode, I want to put in ten episodes for the beggining then start doing 3 at a time… I still have to look over and fill all the rest of them in. This is the only one that has over more than 700 lines.

don’t worry about it the forum is a place to ask for help!

This would be a little more helpful if you knew what I’m writting about or gave you little part of the story…
Okay umm so far I finished what they were doing outside, Scott BF punch her because she was getting out of control and now she had woken up in a guest room while scott went into a cell since his wolf came out. I have a room for her but the way the bed is setted i’m not sure if she
could lay down and also need help with transition.

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alright so first what is the background maybe I know a way to get her to lay down

second that is the problem with the transition? what do you want it to do?

this is something about transistions How do you do the fancy transistions?

that one is dificult because of the way the bed stands but I might have an idea make sure you’re character is in a sleep animation and then make her smaller with spot directing you can use the directing helper for help to scale and shift her

Did I do something wrong?

the error means that last line that there wrote add
to be continued…
add the end of you’re script

Do you know where to find a cover for a office?

a cover or an background?