Need help on my love story good idea on it share feedback

Can you help with the title and genre and story description help on Episode how many charters.

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That good one .

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No offense, but girls falling for men who are psychos isn’t really something you should be writing about, it’s not a good idea and never was. It would be a nice twist if you were to make the MC realize the guy she’s falling for is psycho, and ultimately wants nothing to do with him. If not, I would suggest making the plot a little more harmless. I don’t think making the LI constantly pull fire alarms in her shop is a good idea. She can’t only get in trouble for that, but there’s a possibility her store would be shut down as well. Makes the LI seem crazy too. Maybe you could just make it where he comes into her shop very often & leaves notes on the table for her?

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I need all your help some teacher me how set your page up .need help on cover to.

Of course!!

For the title, maybe : My Law Breaker

Genre: Romance

Description: Being a cop, dealing with break-ins is usual. But when it happens every day to the same person? That’s a different issue. Follow a cop and owner on their law-breaking romance!

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Thank you .next time I am share feedback. I am need use more

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How about the style. Need some one help write story some to guide me .though writing portal. Need some one help me to WRITE it .

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I’d say write Limelight, it’s newer and more famous and has more assets, I can certainly help with coding too.

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I can’t help with writing the story though, because I have my own story to write :frowning: I would love to give you feedback on the story when you do, though!

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And I don’t miss up this up need some help create a story to .my style limelight. Need help with chapters and help on link and cover portal

I am do limelight that my favorite

Can you help with the code

Need your help with chapters to

I can do female cop.

I need your with code to .edit save it

Can you help name this story

How you create limelight story

Title Law Breaker
Author Leshell Montgomery
Genre Romance
Style limelight
Chapter 3 more come
Description Bring a cop dealing with break ins is
Usually. But when it happens every day
To the same person that a different issues follow
A cop and ower on their law-breaking romantic

this Richardo

Tell kind cover I need.