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Hey guys so I need help. So I’m trying to have this cotton ball overlay move back and forth on my character’s kips but when I have the code set it just stands still and doesn’t move. I have checked over and changed it multiple times and it’s still not doing anything. Help?

(Here’s the Scene)

INT. JUVIE WELLS VANITY - DAY WITH VANITY MIRROR to .334 -3 136 at layer 2 with INT. JUVIE WELL DAYS VANITY2 - DAY TO 1.120 0 4 at layer 3 in zone 1

#some other coding goes here before the cotton ball scene

&SIENNA2 spot 1.280 162 -74 and SIENNA spot 1.742 247 -313

@overlay COTTON BALL create
&overlay COTTON BALL scales to .286 .286
&overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 191 193
&overlay COTTON BALL opacity 1
&overlay COTTON BALL moves to layer 2

@SIENNA2 is idle_stemware_sad_loop and SIENNA is rear

#this is the where it doesn’t want to work

&overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 153 274 in 0
&overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 144 279 in 2
&overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 153 274 in 2

@SIENNA2 is flirt_smile_strokelip

You might want to try something like this, I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for.:sweat_smile:
&overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 153 274 in 0 THEN overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 144 279 in 2 THEN overlay COTTON BALL shifts to 153 274 in 2

Or perhaps the error is also because you did not put the zone number.

You used the & sign for all of these which mean they all happen at the same time. If you want them to shift from one spot to another, change the & sign to @ or you can place them all on one line and use the THEN command like @phoenix.brunet posted above

Yeah that works! Thank you so much!!

Hey, I also have a little issue with my overlays. Maybe you could help?
In my script I wrote:
&overlay CHAIR AND TABLE shifts to 1 0 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay CHAIR AND TABLE scales to 3.209 3.209 in 0
&overlay CHAIR AND TABLE moves to layer 4 in 0

But for somereason when ever I try to review it the same error come up: is not a valid directing command. Does someone know what I am doing wrong?

It’s your overlay name. The script thinks you’re using the AND command because you have the word “and” in your overlay name. You’ll have to reupload the overlay and change the name. Either remove “and” or use underscores instead of spaces CHAIR_AND_TABLE

Thank you very much! You saved me haha.

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