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So I have this brilliant but kindaaa impossible story idea while I’m not continuing my first story due to writer’s block, and it involves a speckle of romance. I have no problems with romance, they’re the best. It’s just that…I can’t write it. I mean, I can read it, I can sense there’s love and chemistry in the air when I play a romance book, I know how two characters flirt and show their affections towards each other. It’s just that when it comes to writing it myself, all that knowledge goes out the window. I don’t know how that is possible, my mind just blanks out on the romantic parts. And if I did manage to write a ‘romantic’ dialogue, it comes out as a family interaction more than interactions between lovers.

And it’s even harder when I draw romance! I wanna showcase my art skills too, and whenever I try draw two characters kissing, it feels illegal and wrong. It’s like my body isn’t co-working with my brain’s desire. My brain wants a kissing art piece, and my hands goes, “Nope, we’re not doing that. We’re not meant to that! The universe didn’t make us to do that!”. It’s like I’m capable to draw and write ANYTHING but romance.

Do you guys know this experience too or maybe I’m just what my hands say? Any advice you could lend me here? Thanks in advance.


Not sure but I think that writers who have fell in love or had a love experience or had at least a crush e.t.c. can write romance stories.
I’m not sure about this though bc there are might be and authors who have written romance stories even though they have not fall in love e.t.c.
But here’s my advice; If you can’t write a romantic story, then don’t. Because it’s better to write a story that shows feelings that you know about.

And that may be the reason why you can’t write about romance. It’s because you have not experienced what love actually is.

That’s why I suggest you to write a story about feelings that you know.

You know, romance is not needed either to writing or to drawing. You can draw and write whatever you desire. Because romance is most used, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it too.

That’s why show your art skills, don’t be afraid bc it doesn’t include romance.

All it matters is to write and draw something that you will enjoy!

Take care,


In relation to you not being able to draw anything related to romance maybe something associated with artblock! Even if you’re able to draw other things, you may not have the motivation to draw anything around romance. It could be that you need more inspo and ideas before going ahead and drawing. I’m sorry if this isn’t very helpful but this could help in some way.

I tried drawing a piece and wasn’t able to do so NO MATTER HOW HARD I tried, I kept attempting after taking breaks and then later decided I’ll just draw something else :sweat_smile:

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Just to add : as @ChristinaCh said, you don’t HAVE to write or draw anything related to romance.

click if you want ☺️

You may be interested in drawing or writing since you enjoy reading it, you just might need a bit more inspo and ideas. You can find good sites to help you like Pinterest or sites that give romance prompts to help you! This can give you a good start :revolving_hearts:


Thanks for the thoughtful answer, @ChristinaCh ! Though while I understand where you’re coming from, and it is possible that one of those reasons I can’t write romance is because I don’t possess any romantic urges, I don’t think that should limit myself to never writing romance ever. And I do wanna write romance as a sub-story, it just that there’s something that’s holding me back and I don’t know what it is. Still this is a great reply and it’s gave me some inciteful questions to myself to why I am like this.

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Maybe that is a case. Maybe I’m lacking of inspirations since I don’t focus on romantic things much and I tend to usually draw landscapes more. I’ll try to find some bases to work on with for now. Thanks for the tip! ^^

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Make sure to use free ones :smile: and it’s no problem at all :two_hearts: usually if you type “f2u base” you’ll find free ones to use, sometimes the bases we find on Pinterest is a work that belongs to others.

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Why is that SO relatable?? It’s like I can even write love quotes and poems but I just can’t make the people fall in love.

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IKR? I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

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