!Need Help on Starting my Fantasy Story!

•☆.•´¨*••♥ Hey Everyone! ♥••*´¨•.☆•

I don’t want to give away toooo much about my new story but - in short - it’s about a teen who comes to realize that she’s a succubus! For those who are unfamiliar - a succubus is a female-demon who gain power from getting frisky with people. Well… actually the definition of a succubus is a little different… but in my story that’s how I’m going to define being a succubus so it stays PG13 haha!

Anyway, MC slowly finds out about her powers. In my outline, she doesn’t truly realize she’s a succubus until around episode 3.

So my question is… should I add an intro where the idea of a succubus is introduced?

I’m entering this story in the Fantastical contest and I’m a bit worried that if I don’t introduce the fantasy element of the story early enough, readers will stop playing!

What do you think?

I’d say maybe a scene or two that explains them a bit more. I know some people for H&V contest started with like an urban legend retelling to explain the background of super heroes. Maybe something like that would work for you too

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