Need help on the Plot!

Hey guy need your help again so my robot story will be called My Mechanical Heart and I know what to write but I’m stuck on the plot how should I start it any ideas? I’ll make sure to give you all credit in my story even a small part!!

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Hey @xosignorina.backup!
Writing the basic outlines of a plot is much easier when you know how the story will play out.

1) Exposition (introduction) - Beginning of the story; characters, background, and setting revealed.

2) Rising Action - Events in the story become complicated; the conflict is revealed. These are events between the introduction and climax.

3)Conflict - Essential to plot, opposition ties incidents together and moves the plot. Not merely limited to arguments, conflict can be any struggle the main character faces. Within a short story, there may be only one central struggle, or there may be many minor obstacles within a dominant struggle. There are two ~ of conflict: Internal- Struggle within one’s self.
• Character vs. Self - Struggles with own soul, physical limitations, choices, etc. o External - Struggle with a force outside one’s self.
• Character vs. Character - Struggles against other people.
• Character vs. Nature - Struggles against animals, weather, environment, etc.
• Character vs. Society - Struggles against ideas, practices, or customs of others.

4) Climax - Turning point of the story. Readers wonders what will happen next; will the conflict be resolved or not? Consider the climax as a three-fold phenomenon:
• Main character receives new information.
• Main character accepts this information (realizes it but does not necessarily agree with it).
• Main character acts on this information (makes a choice that will determine whether or not objective is met)

5) Falling action - Resolution begins; events and complications start to fall into place. These are the events between climax and denouement. 5) Resolution (Conclusion) - Final outcome of events in the story.

6) Resolution (Conclusion) - Final outcome of events in the story.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else you would like some help on- Roni :two_hearts:


I would recommend writing down how your story is going to go, future plot twists, characters and what you want to have at the end of your story. I know it’s not giving you ideas, but it’s good to do this so that your ideas aren’t all over the place. When you write them down, you can probably fit them all in!

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Just like to point out there is another conflict type you forgotten to mention:
Character vs. Supernatural. But I still love your template! It’s really useful!

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You could start with a flashback of a disastrous or very important moment

Maybe try something like the Edward scissor-hands beginning if you ever saw that movie. That could be cool :blush:

This actually helped me a little bit :slightly_smiling_face:

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