Need help on title for my story!

Story description:
You’re the best detective in town, and the famous billionaire have hired you to search for his disappeared wife. Will you solve the case, while being chase by unknown killers?

Other information:
•The MC’s name is customizable
•Mc have an ex who is dead but left her a valuable piece of jewelry(but MC doesn’t know it’s valuable).
•The billionaire is not a love interest, and is actually evil. He’s searching for MC’s jewelry(but I dont want to spoil it…)
•The town MC live in is on an island called Tyrana(same name for the town and island. The name was made up.)
•Tyrana(the town) is filled with criminals-ish people and is a very unorganized and “messy” town. Robbery and gang wars(etc) happens almost everyday. The polices doesn’t do anything.
•Try not to include the word clue bc I’m trying to enter this story to the clue contest.
•The story is action with a bit of comedy.(and mystery?)

Please help🤧
Btw I’m gonna sleep now so I can only answer tomorrow.

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Without A Trace


Solving Mysteries of Tyrana.
Detective of Tyrana

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Tyrana Tyranny :wink::wink: I’m so proud of myself it’s so clever lol :woozy_face:

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