Need help on what type of moving background to do at the beginning of my story

My genre is horror/mystery, it’s called extinction and is about an apocalypse. I would be really grateful if anyone could help me please

can you give some more information like do you have something in you’re head like a character running from something and you need a scary woods background or do you need a scary house background or do you need a scary grave background ? is the background for an intro ?

Tbh I’m not too sure. The only thing I do want is a really darkish, freaky looking back round and a zombie walking closer to the screen or something like that

And yeah I want it for my intro

what about backgrounds right here?

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They’re perfect

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I’m just not too sure on how to set it out

like how you want it to look like?


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Thank you

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mm I’m not the best in intro’s is it like a zombie apocalypse?
if so maybe you can create a intro where the mc('s) is(are) running from the zombies? like you can only see the legs of the zombies and maybe slowly see the mc('s) ?

Sorry I’m terrible at this :laughing:

That’s actually given me an idea, thank you :upside_down_face:

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you’re welcome!