Need help on writing a story



I have been writing a story with a friend and we would like to find someone who can help direct , make art , and help brainstorm some ideas. we have never done a story before and could really use some help.


i could help with everything, i cant draw but i can make covers and splashes (and some overlays)
also im pretty good at coding.



and i have some story ideas


I can make art…


mmhmm me too!!!


ok, thats so great


okay, where do you want to start?



do u know how to make someone lay down on a bed?


could u make a small cover?

Art examples

more art


depends on if the bed is horizontal or vertical

if its like youre over the top of the bed then anything works, you can do sleep_sitting with a blanket

or if its horizontal there is lay_asleep_loop and sleep_uncomfortable


what do I do if the character isn’t appearing on the bed?


if I send u a picture of what I would like the cover to look like, could you try and recreate it smaller ?


Sure let me see the pic.


Can I do the large???


yes, ill send a picture of what I would like u to recreate




spot direct, can you pm me these comments are getting me lost :joy: