Need help on writing a story

Alright do you want a diffrent title and author title?

the title can stay the same but the name savannah can be changed to Savanah

it isn’t working for some reason

pm isnt working?


Can you tell me the character details because I don’t want to mess up.

Or I could try what I think it is.

body: tan
eyebrows: defined natural
hair: beach wave
hair color: fawn
eyes: upturned bold
eye color: blue
face: oval
nose: soft natural
lips: classic
lip color: bordeaux

for some reason no

K thanks!

can you tell me what you are doing to spot direct

I need to know what youre doing so i can see whats wrong

I did

@ELIZABETH spot 0.737 -123 383 in zone 3 AND ELIZABETH faces left AND ELIZABETH is lay_asleep_loop

@ELIZABETH spot 0.737 -123 383 in zone 3 AND ELIZABETH faces right AND ELIZABETH is sleep_uncomfortable

you have to put

@cut to zone 3 before you put that so that your screen is in the same zone as your chracter

what background are you using? i could just write you a script template.

ok thxs and I’m using Julias bed (for now) until I get another one

idk what bed that is, . . .

the euro hotel bed

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