Need help: outfit ideas (LL and INK)

Hey, i was wondering if i could have some help with putting some outfits together I’m not the best when it comes to fashion (lol) and could really use the help of people who are good at this kind of thing. I’m after edgy looks for both boys and girls as well as some girly outfits as well in both LL and INK.

many thanks x x :smile: :grin:

Hi! There is a thread that can help you get inspired for clothing ideas!

thank you!! :heart:

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No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely willing to help! I’ll start working on them now :slight_smile: :heart:

If you need anything specific, just let me know @Itz_Emily

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thank you so much!! there isn’t anything really specific just some edgy looks (mainly dark colours) for both girls and boys in any LL or INK!! If you could do some girly ones that would be great as well but i don’t mind!! other then that nothing really specific. :blush: :heart:

Here’s one edgy outfit I have in INK. I’ll add more once I make more.

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omg!! thank you so much x

I kinda mixed edgy and girly hehe

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that is so cute!! i love it xx

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Here’s a girly one for ink.

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I LOVE THAT!! (i’ll probably be using all of these so let me know what i should credit you as) xx

Tada . I made these cause I was bored and then I saw your post!!!


Just say @Itz_Emily on forums. Let me know when you publish your story because i’d love to read it! Would you like me to give you the details of the character?

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i love them!! thank you x :grin:

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sure. There are 2 main characters.

he is very cold and doesn’t really communicate with anyone apart from his two best friends (isaac and scott). he sees the worst in everyone and is seen as incapable of change. until he meets someone just as broken as him. He is first seen as cold, uncontrollable, broken (due to a past event), angry ect but once he meets her he just feels the need to help and gradually becomes kinder, compassionate, and everything hes always wanted to be. his stlye is very bad boy in the begginning but changes toward the end)


Is the complete opposite, when she is in front of her friends and family she is bubbly, funny, loving, caring and compassionate but when shes alone she is just sad and really unhappy and just broken.(due to a traumatic experience) Regan notices this and they help each other along the road to recovery, facing everything that comes their way Her style was very sweet but then she changes into edgy