Need help please! for my choices/q&a

Okay so this always comes up and I fixed it but then every time I fix it a new one of these fuckers pops up!

Screenshot 2022-07-05 1.49.15 AM

i think you’re missing the “}” bracket for that choice i’m pretty sure you got to add the “}” bracket after whatever dialogue’s been put into that choice to close it off of that makes sense

It depends on how your script is, how many options you put. It may be that the error is there and it throws you at the beginning of the option.

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I have like 4/5 I think choices!

I did that and then another error like this comes up! saying I need to delete that bracket

You can show me your script by pm.

I have 5 choices!

If I can help you if you want!

No it’s fine

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