Need help. Please I need splashes for my story {CLOSED}

Can someone make me a splash please.


What are the details?? I might be able to make it for you

Okay thanks so much.

I want a follow me on Instagram splash if that makes sense.

It’s Limelight and I want my Character to also be in there

Body Neutral 03
Brow Arched Natural / Black Dark
Eyes Monolid slender /Brown Dark
Hair Over shoulder braid / Black Dark
Face Soft Round
Nose Round Button
Lips Full round pouty /Red deep Gloss

Background can be anything floral

I’f you can help I well be so grateful

And if you help I would need to know how to credit you

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Sure, I’ll help you! :cat_typing: what’s your insta account though? So I can put it in the splash :cat_typing:


Thank you so much

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Your welcome :cat_typing: :yay:


You can credit me by my insta @cstation7 :yay: :cat_typing:

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OMG I really appreciate this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad to know :grin: :yay: