Need help please with a issue

Umm hi. So I am reading a story. And I want to do what this author did. So I was thinking do-ing like this Like fade in the text and out. So if someone helps me I will add you to my story .:grinning:


It’s actually quite easy. You gotta first have a selected background and the texts as an overlay.

@overlay TEXT create
@overlay TEXT shifts to x y in zone #
@overlay TEXT moves to layer #
@overlay TEXT opacity 100 in A

So what you do is replace the letter A with a number more than 0. That way the overlay’s opacity will slowly go to 100% once in A number of seconds, giving that slow fading effect.

Hopefully this was helpful!

Thank- you. Would that mean than the 100% is the highest Capacity?

-and what is your details so I can add you to my story as a reminder that you help me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup 100% is the highest opacity you can get.

You can credit me using my insta, kana_epi

100% means that the overlay is 100% visible.
90% means that the overlay is 90% visible, 80% means 80% visible and so on :blush:

Okay. Thank-you.:+1::smiley: By- the way sorry again but can I private message you about another help?

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Thnks :+1::smiley:

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Sure thing!

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