Need help point system for outfit choice

I need help with how to write the point system in script I have three outfit choices I want the first choice to gain two points and the second choice to gain 1 point and the third choice to not gain any at all and I want the points to be gained to two characters one character at the moment of the choice and the second character to gain points later on in the script…can someone please help me with this?

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I believe you could use a flag to save the outfit choice later on into the chapter. You can do a flag by saying:

gain (flagname)

You can put pretty much anything into there, for example, you could put something like “outfit1” or something.

Then later on in the chapter, you could use an if/elif/else statement for the points, kinda like this:

if (outfit1){


}elif (outfit2){




You should replace charactername with the person you want to gain points with.
Kinda hope this helped since I suck at explaining- :sweat_smile:

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To gain points with the character the moment of the choice, just add the same thing but inside the choice for the clothes.

Thank you so much for your your help :pray:

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