Need help regarding point system (please help!)

Hey everyone… So I m having point system in my story and now I am adding mini game to one of my episode which is adding points in the total story points too…
But I want to add condition on the basis of result of that mini game… I mean if my character has earned 10 points in the mini game then this scene… If not then that scene… But I don’t want to include the story points in order to make that scene appear…
So can anyone tell me what I have to add to make it possible?

So, you want the minigame points to be different than the game points, or you want the minigame points to add to the game points, but you also want to check for the minigame points separately?

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I want them to add to the whole points but also want to make decision based on them separately.

Okay, so every time the player would earn a point, you’ll need to code for them to earn both a game point and a minigame point. So, it would look something like:

“right answer” {

Then at the end of the game, you’d be checking for just the @MINIGAME points.

Its confusing…actually I want to play scenes according to points like if points are below 5 then the scene is something sad, else scene is something good…

if (CHARACTER<5) {
Sad scene
}else {
Happy scene

Is that what you mean? :sweat_smile:

I have 2 point systems…mini game point system and whole story point system

So, you want your code to check for both kinds of points? Because it can do that.

No I just want to add scene based on mini game points excluding the story points :sleepy:

Okay, that’s easy to do. We just have to structure the code a certain way.

So, let’s name your story points one thing, and your minigame points something else. What would you like to name them?

if (MINIGAME>5) {
@CHARACTER +amount of points

Meaning that if they scored more than 5 points in the mini game, a certain amount of character points is added.

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mini game…
How to name it?

I am asking a bit different question… May be I am not able to explain properly…

Here, I’m gonna PM you…


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