Need help regarding the background

So, I want to publish my story but it won’t let me publish because of my background. I made my own background by the way, and it says here that it won’t be able to publish until my background has been approved. Any help and can I know why it won’t be able to publish? Also, where do you get a background that has a double bed? Thanks in advance! :blush:

You have to wait for your background to be approved by the Episode team first before you can publish your story.

How long will it take to wait for that?

It usually takes a couple a days for them to approve, but it really depends on how many backgrounds are submitted to the Episode team by other authors. Sometimes it can be approved in a few hours, sometimes up to a week.

Oh okay… how can I know if my background has approved?

Okay… thanks a lot! :blush:

Also you would get an email saying it has been approved. So keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Ello, it’s Chloe

So, I got a custom background and it was approved yesterday, but when I add it to my script it says it doesn’t exist. I tried reloading the page and double checking I spelt it right.

Any help or advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

Usually when you get that error message, there is an error in your script either right before or right after you added the background. So check for any script errors you might have made.

Okay, I’ll check my script.

Thanks for the advice/help :slight_smile:

For sure! If you can’t find the errror feel free to post that part of your script here and I can help you out :smile:

So this is my script. It still says I have an error.

The background is the BAR AND COUCH thing, just to let you know.

is “CORA stands screen left” the last part in that line or is there more after that?

It’s the last part, but once i previewed i planned on doing spot directing for a better layout.

Hmm that’s very weird, I’m not finding anything wrong :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Does the error message still say “background does not exist”?

Yes, it just says “The background doesn’t exist, did you misspell it or delete it?”

I just double checked again, and it definitely exists and it was approved as well.

Have you checked the spelling? What about deleting it and copying it again and pasting it?

Yea, I tried to delete the text then paste it again. I also checked the spelling multiple times.
I have no idea what’s wrong. xD

Can you scroll a bit to the right and then take a screenshot so we can see if there is anything wrong after the CORA part.

Sorry for the bother, I have just fixed it. The second line after the background change had a spelling error.

Thanks for the advice and help tho :slight_smile: