Need help remembering a choice on Dara - Amarie's dressing game. I used the Choice Naming method and My code is included

Hi guys,
I have a scene where my MC goes into a flashback and when she comes back, I want her to be wearing the outfit the reader chose. I can’t seem to get it to work, so if anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’d be super thankful!

@Dara.Amarie Thank you!

You have to write:
If (Valentina =1){
@Valenrina changes into outfit 1
} Elif (Valentina =2){
@Valentina changes into outfit 2
} Else {
@Valentina changes into outfit 3


Thank you so much!! @Aykay

Of course I made it much more difficult than it needed to be :joy:

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Standard :joy:
You’re welcome!

@Sydney_H would you mind closing this thread? Thank you!

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Make sure VALENTINA is capitalized and the if, elif, else are all lower cased

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I appreciate you @Dara.Amarie :purple_heart:

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