Need help remembering a name

Hey has anyone read the story. Of the girl who works in a cofffee shop or something. And her sister is obsessed with this model. Then she (The MC) goes to work and gets fired? Then on her way out there is a car crash so she runs over and helps the girl. She puts down her handbag and calls the police. When the police arrives she tells them she has a black bag then takes her almost identical bag home. When she later arrives home she opens her bag and realises it’s the girl who was in the car crash. She opens the bag and finds a letter to the art school she has always wanted to go to saying that the model (Rich one that has been in the crash) has been accepted. She makes her family believe she is injured in hospital because the police found her bag and got her ID out. She goes to the art school and has fun. And I didn’t get to finish the story though can’t tenner the name. I think the model girls name was Olivia? Not sure though.

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Hey! I actually read this story too and I went ahead and looked through all the stories that I’ve read. :joy: It took me a while, but I finally found it! :sweat_smile:
Title: Faking it (LL)
Author: dkr_episodes

Oh my gosh thank you so much!!!

No problem! I’m happy to help. :smile:

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