Need help reporting a story

Can someone tell me how to report a FEATURED story? SOLVED

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You can submit a ticket to Episode or private message @Tyler.
There’s no way to do it in the app unfortunately.

I believe there is away on the app or there used to be hold on ill check

I don’t think there is for the featured stories (as in the episode official ones with the blue E on the covers)

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Click the three dots then report

Oh okay idk :blush:

Youre right
That’s truly not fair that you can’t report them in the app.

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It’s a really stupid thing, but I kinda get it. It’s like how usually the fan mail for Featured stories don’t get replied.


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Why would a featured story need to be reported? :expressionless: There are several people working on it, if one misses something, another one sees. From featured stories we learn what is allowed and what not.

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Haven’t read this story. If you don’t mind, I’d love to know why you’re willing to report it :thinking:


If you don’t mind me asking, why are you reporting the story?


the chances of a featured story being taken down is very unlikely. they still have stories like ‘It Starts with a bra’ up

The story is called Forbidden Fruit. I believe it’s a RIP off of The Teacher.

This is probably a testing version for a featured version of Mette’s “The Teacher”. If you look at the author’s name on the story, it’s Mette’s. They usually don’t connect the real author’s profile for testing versions, until they are really released to the public.

In other words: Episode may have bought “The Teacher” to republish it as an Episode version and this is the version, they published to test it. This also means, Episode probably owns the copyrights to this story and therefor it’s not a rip off. :slight_smile:


As arrows writes many episode stories are previously comunity stories and episode bought the right from the author and usually thay create the short 8 episode version with gems from the mistery on the hanging hill and the last girl standing.

I also doubt it is stolen if this is reason why you want to report it. :smiley: