Need help ! script error

I got this message when I was doing the arrow templates but everything seems to be working so I don’t understand why they tell me there’s an error; and since everything is working I don’t understand. Does anyone know ?

Send the screenshot of your script where there’s a red cross symbol

It’s probably the problem of same Overlay been created twice without changes in the other one

This is the third label but the three are basically the same. only depend which path you choose.

Have you used the same overlay above anywhere and forgot to clear them?

well I used them but on different labels do I have to duplicate every single one of them even if they are on separate layers ?

Yes in the same episode you need to clear them after using
Or you can create a new one from the pre existing overlay

@overlay OVERLAYNAME_2 create from OVERLAYNAME

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right thanks ! I thought since it was another label I could just re use the same one without duplicating it. Okay I will try that now. thank you :heart:

Yes ! Labels are just like portals, they make things hop around but don’t let you duplicate things

well now nothings working anymore :joy:

and it doesn’t tell me there’s an error. but my arrow template isn’t working

Can I have the screenshot
You can pm me

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Hey, so from what I see, you have

label cc_game3

&overlay LEFT ARROWS create
#rest of code

Basically, in your tappable options, if you have a choice of sending the reader back to the label cc_game3 and if you didn’t remove LEFT ARROWS (by clearing the overlay) then this error will pop up because it is being created again.

So it’s always better to put your label before the word tappable (if you’re not clearing the overlays from the scene), so something like:

#place overlays here (codes), bla bla bla, before the label.

label cc_game3


You can just change their layers, you don’t need to duplicate each one. Guide:

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Oh I see that someone is going to help you with your code through PM :+1:

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actually I just tried doing what you just said and it all worked out ! thank you !

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