Need help (script template)

Hi everyone! I am a new writer and currently working on a story and I needed a script template for a Busy park for free. Your help will be highly appreciated and you will also be tagged in my story. :blush:


If you tell me more about the details, I can take a crack at it. I like doing templates.

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Ok thanks. Actually I need a template for a park during the morning time in which some are out for a walk, some are in their phone and some are clicking picture. Something like this I need in this background:-

With 7-10 people

Okay, see how this strikes you. I can change or add stuff if you like. I named the “characters” after what they’re doing.

&zoom reset
@add Gossip Magazine Pink to GOSSIP MAG
@add Box Engagement Open Velvet Diamond Blue Navy to PROPOSER

#zone 1 extras
&HOT DOG MAN spot 0.893 81 162 in zone 1 and HOT DOG MAN is talk_handsopen_happy_loop and HOT DOG MAN faces right
&YOUTUBER spot 0.141 286 518 in zone 1 and YOUTUBER is film_phone_happy_loop and YOUTUBER faces left
&GOSSIP MAG spot 0.436 242 398 in zone 1 and GOSSIP MAG is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop and GOSSIP MAG faces right

#zone 2 extras
&MODEL spot 0.183 303 508 in zone 2 and MODEL is selfie_pose and MODEL faces right
&PROPOSER spot 0.324 103 428 in zone 2 and PROPOSER is kneel_propose_happy and PROPOSER faces right THEN PROPOSER is talk_kneel_propose_happy
&PROPOSED spot 0.303 155 428 in zone 2 and PROPOSED is react_holdface_happy and PROPOSED faces left

#zone 3 extras
&PHONE spot 0.548 161 308 in zone 3 and PHONE is react_sit_checkphone_bored and PHONE faces left
&GUITAR spot 0.127 225 532 in zone 3 and GUITAR is sing_guitar_neutral_loop and GUITAR faces left
&SINGER spot 0.120 187 531 in zone 3 and SINGER is sing_rock_loop and SINGER faces right
&PHOTOGRAPHER spot 0.197 35 504 in zone 3 and PHOTOGRAPHER is takephoto_camera_loop_rear and PHOTOGRAPHER faces right

@JOGGER1 spot 1.357 -98 -188 in zone 1 and JOGGER1 moves to layer 3 and JOGGER1 starts jog_happy_loop and JOGGER1 faces right and JOGGER2 spot 1.311 -38 -188 in zone 1 and JOGGER2 moves to layer 2 and JOGGER2 starts jog_happy_offset_loop and JOGGER2 faces right THEN JOGGER1 walks to spot 1.357 464 -188 in zone 3 in 8 and JOGGER1 does it while jog_happy_loop and JOGGER1 faces right and JOGGER2 walks to spot 1.311 524 -188 in zone 3 in 8 and JOGGER2 does it while jog_happy_offset_loop and JOGGER2 faces right

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

The joggers run across all three zones, so I tried to capture that.

Thank you very much

But how may I credit you in my story

My insta is @gargamel.episode


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