Need help solving an error!


It says I have an error because “You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or {}”. I know what this means but I need a label to where they don’t have to go all the way back to selecting an eye… I have seen authors do it to where they can pick their eye color and after clicking on it, they can still be on the “choose an eye color” option… So, how do I do that?


is this choice inside a choice?


Yes, it is in customizing a character and the choice is “Eyes” and then inside of that there is the choice “Eye Color”.


Hmm, is this a template you’ve created? if so, I’d suggest to use @Dara.Amarie 's template


Also, if you’ve given the reader a choice to CC, do this:
Would you like to customize your character?
“Nope, I’m okay.”{
goto story_start
}“Yes please!”{
goto female_custom1


Omg I feel like an idiot cuz I didn’t know they had those :confused: Thanks for your help!!!


No problem!! :blush:


you can’t have labels inside of choices (things with brackets) so you need to use labels ^ like what gisellec said