Need help spot directing resolved

iv’e used the


and I am trying to have my character lay on the bed. However, while using the forum for guidance, this isn’t one of the options to use.

Can someone tell me what numbers to use to get my character to lay down ? please and thanks.

You’re going to have to spot the character on the bed. Edit: Or if you want them to walk to there just add @Character walks to spot X Y in S, s meaning time in seconds.

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I am literally so lost. Haha.

I see that other bedrooms have their own “spots” but with this bedroom its not on the list. So at this point I am literally just playing a guessing game. I was trying to see if anyone else has used this background and maybe they could better assisst me on how to get the MC to lay down and not have it look like crap. If that makes sense??

Can check out this:

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Oh I totally understand, Let me recreate this for you.

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Thank you!

According to this, for the background that you’re using ( INT. JUVIE WELLES BEDROOM), the spots will be:

@CHARACTER spot 0.431 194 445 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is sleep_uncomfortable

@CHARACTER spot 0.431 191 442 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is lay_asleep_loop

*Tested by @ Apes using the ink style but it should work with limelight too ^^

And no problem :wink:


Yes it does work for limelight too.:smile: @Shannyvapes Here you go!

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!


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this helped me thanks