Need help the code im using works well on computer but not on app

Hi everyone I’m currently working on my first story His Eyes in one chapter the main (Lovely) is dreaming and the person (Cameron) she is dreaming about changes into someone(Dale) else, I used the becomes CAMERON becomes DALE code but I noticed That it changed him the the rest of the chapter even if I put another Dale becomes CAMERON code so I just created duplicate characters (cam and Dale2) so it wouldn’t interfere the the other mains. On the computer everything is ok everyone is who there supposed to be but on the app CAMERON is staying as the other character DALE through all the chapters now no matter how many times reset the progress CAMERON is staying as DALE would someone be willing to read it to see if it’s just my phone or the story is messed up episode 5 is where CAMERON comes in to the story and he is showing up as Dale Does any of that makes sense

Are Cameron and Dale supposed to look alike? Or they are different people with different appearances?

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no there 2 completely different characters look nothing alike

Okay so

the @CHARACTER becomes … command is used for duplicate characters or family members. When you use that command, you’re making the other character look exactly like the first character that you asked him/her to become.

If you want Cameron to be Dale, put Dale’s character in the same spot as Cameron and remove Cameron.

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omg I never thought of that that would make it so much easier lol Thank you so much!!! Ill give it a shot

Did it work?

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it worked perfect on the computer I just have to load it in the app to see if it fixes the problem ill let you know

Okay! If it does work, mark the reply that solved this post as solved so people don’t click and find out that you don’t need help anymore.

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Yesss it worked perfectly thank you so much

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It is solved thank you

On your side, there should be a button that’s like this

If you’re using a phone you might have to click the three dots at the bottom of the reply to see it.

I feel silly I really cant see it im on the computer

It’s not necessary. Just helpful. :heart:
If you’re on your laptop and it doesn’t show even after you click those three dots, then I’m not really sure what else you can do.