Need help to do something? Ask me :)

Hi I really love to help people! :slight_smile:
So I can make:
Character card
Character pose
Edit backgrounds
Make backgrounds
I do something cover
I can be your partner
If u want some example ask me :slight_smile:
If I help u pls credit my with my forum name :slight_smile:

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can i see some of your cover art examples?



That’s the cover I already create :slight_smile:

Oups not the second one lol

i want the background of the second one
can the title say"Bounded"

you can do any clothes

Oki u want to have the second background?



can you do a cool pose too btw?

Yes wich one?

Which one u want?

blow kiss


Is this ok?

Can u credit me with my forum name pls

alright this will be my warning card I will add the warning to it
I make sure to credit you

Thx feel free to ask me if u need something else :slight_smile: