Need help to find a story I was reading

Hi everyone,
I need help to find this story
They were two hereos, one is known in the city and people are very proud
and the other r feel jealous so she betrayed him/her.
Also after she betrayed him she joined a group of thief with superpowers
And in real life they don’t know that they are co-workers.
When they’re masked as superhero/ enemies they feel love for the eachother.
Also the superhero has a sister who can’t walk.
When they’re masked as superhero/enemies they change their hairstyle and color.
I didn’t remembered much cause I was at the very beginning of the story.
Pls can you help me find the title?

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I’m pretty sure it was called The Greatest Hero by Ksenia but I can’t find it on the app

Unless it was this one?

If it’s a story by Ksenia then you won’t be able to find it because Ksenia no longer makes stories for Episode and deleted her stories from the app along with her account.

I guest is the greatest hero.

I really liked that story so much.

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