Need help to get character on the stairs!

Hello, I am trying to get my character on the stairs I tried moving the layers but to no avail.

What layer is the stairs overlay at?

Well I don’t know if this background came with a overlay

It doesn’t, you’ll need an overlay of the stairs, what background is this maybe I can help make the stair overlays?

Okay I will try to see if the original creator @tiffwrts has one

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Ok, sounds good, I thought this was a background from the episode catalog lol

Hmmm okay yeah so it doesn’t look like the creator has a stair overlay:(

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Well, since I cut this out from the episode background, I don’t know if it will work for the one that you have, but you can try

here is the full background

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The stair ov above should work! I don’t want to edit this background since I don’t know if the owner allows any edits :slightly_smiling_face: