Need help to write, contact me asap! :) <3

I’m neew to this com, and i need some help with the coding, especelly the directing, but i don’t have truolble coming up with an story? Do you want do help me? Or do you have any tips for egnners? Link to an good youtue vid/thread from this site? And also, how do I make the ‘‘camara’’ follow the character? How do i code in another zone?

I use this comend whenever my charachter walks: (Dara helpt me on her ig.)
@NADJA walks to spot 0.558 213 422 in 1 and NADJA faces right and NADJA does it while run_neutral_loop_rear


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Joseph Evans makes youtube tutorials

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ah, thank you, I thought he just did INK, but saw that he did some limelight too <3

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the code is the same for both ink and LL.


same here x