Need help using filters

I’m currently trying to add filters into my story to show past events. I have no idea how to smoothly transition into a filter. I’m having issues on where to place it so that it’s already in place at the beginning of a scene. If I put it in the line right under the background, it’ll put the filter first, and then my characters show up. If I put it in the line under my characters and their placement, the scene starts off regular, and the filter slowly comes on. Both options just don’t look good at all. If anyone has had this issue before and was able to fix it please let me know!

I’m also open to any other ideas on how to portray past events! Thanks in advance!

Can you post a screenshot of your script to help better?

You can edit the time it takes to transition into the filter by putting it after the hsl command! For example:

@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode Normal to 100% in 0

Hope this helps!


like the person above said to get the filter to transition smoothly u have to set a time for example “in 0” if you want the filter to be automatically set without fading in i also recommended using the & command instead of @ when setting filters

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Ahhh, it worked! Thank you such much!!

You’re welcome! Glad it worked!

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