Need Help w/Coding

I need help with coding! I want the camera to follow her from zone 1 to zone 3 while she is running! Can someone help me?

In your case:

&pan to zone 3 in 2
@ALISON walks to spot 0.515 83 355 in zone 3 in 2 AND ALISON does it while run_jog

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Thank you!

No problem, if everything has been solved, you can let me know and ask for this thread to be closed :+1: If you still need help, don’t hesitate to ask :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! It did help! But another question! I was my characters to come in from the side and entering and exiting the size that I want them to be! But the characters enter and exit from an angle and start getting bigger as they’re walking in/out, is there any way to solve that?

yes it is you just size them to the size you need and with spot directing you place them offscreen.

and than you walk them to desired spot also using spot directing.

aca you cant use the simple directing (comands like exist right or walks to screen center) because this always resets them to the defult size.

@CHAR walks to spot X Y Z in T

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Thank You! This was extremely helpful!!

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