Need help w my points. I can't count them :d

Idk if this is even in the right place but oh well.

So. I wanted to give the reader a chance to see their points. But the problem is I’m not that smart to actually count the points. There’s like million possible compinations omg

so at first they are able to get 3, 1 or 0 points. And the next 2 times are the same, 3,1 or 0. then the 4th time they can only get 1 point.

But yeah can someone help me with how many point they’re aböe to get so I can code the points to my story with the if/elif/else thing

do you mean how many points in total?

(I’m assuming the 4th time is 1 point or 0 points)

the highest points a reader can get is 10 points. The lowest is 0. they can also get any number between them. You could do:
if CHAR == 10:

elif CHAR == 9:

elif CHAR == 8:

elif CHAR == 0:

(something went wrong)

you could have-

if CHAR = 0:

elif CHAR =< 2:

elif CHAR =< 5:

(and you could have point blocks like this)

Hope this helps!

No in the fourth they will atomatically get 1 point. But I’ll try doing that

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