Need help w spot directing

hello! idk whats wrong with my script

this is how the character is supposed to be at:

but when I preview it, it goes back to this spot:

thank u in advance


Get rid of the “stands screen right”

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get rid of the “in zone 1 at layer 3” and the “girl stands screen right” and add the "girl is talk_sit_food_hand_neutral directly after the spot direction.

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She can keep the in zone 1 at layer 2 part

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yes she can but it’s unnecessary and i always leave it out because its just not needed.

but she can leave it if she wants!

It’s necessary here because she needs to add the layer so the character will be behind the overlay.

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it worked. thank you!

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ah yes sorry i forgot about that. she can remove the in zone 1 part though!! :upside_down_face:

Actually she needs to keep that part too since you can’t add the layer with spot direction without the zone

oh okay got it nevermind ignore me aha.