Need help w/ the overlays

As you can see on the preview my overlays wont stay at the bottom right corner where the desk is. I’ve been trying to get it to stay and it won’t budge. Any help?

Use “&” instead of “@” with the overlay code.

I’m confused…:sweat_smile:


@ overlay 4622412012584960_PACKAGE shifts to 67 56 in zone 2
& overlay 4622412012584960_PACKAGE shifts to 67 56 in zone 2

All you are changing is “@” to “&”.

Oh, alright I’ll try that out right now

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It still turned out the same on the preview screen thingy

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add the zone number.

It worked! thank you so much!!

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Np :wink:

I’m sorry i also have one more problem, how do i put the character behind the desk office overlay?

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The guu with the grey shirt or the other guy?

the other guy

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the same way u have the guy in the grey shirt u do the same for the other guy just change the name and spot number and add layer number

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