Need help with 1st episode and Story Title

Ok my story is going to be like a Twilight/Pretty Little Liars/Teen Wolf/Vampire Diaries kinda of story and I need a good beginning scene because I always make one and then end up changing it. But I would also like to hear some story name ideas please this would really help me out alot. Thank you to anyone who responds


Will your MC be female and will there be a few love interests?


Yes it is female lead and there is going to be a love triangle

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I don’t have any titles, but I usually use song titles for mine.

Such as my story (unrealeased) “Princes Of The Universe”. A song by Queen.
“Free Falling” (Tom Petty), etc.

Just a song that can kinda sum up your story without giving too much away.

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I’m not sure where you’re going plot wise so I wouldn’t know how to start.
Maybe do a flash forward to her wedding day or coronation?
Midnight Queen
Heart of Creature
Tears from the Shadows
To Love a Monster

Or mix/swap any of those! Like Heart of a Monster, or Shadow Queen

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It’s a vampire and werewolf love triangle with a “wizard” (Enchantress)

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Ooooh nice! I love fantasy/magic stories lol
Maybe you can open the episode with a curse or pact that as an enchantress from an ancient family, she must marry/have a child with another mythical entity. Or for fun and drama, she “has” to marry one, but have a child with the other.

The wizard’s womb belongs to the moon.
But she will wed the creature most dead.
When the blood bride is sworn, the heir will be born.

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That sounds pretty cool!!! I want to have many plot twist throughout the story and I know who I want the girl to end up with. What I have so far is that Aria and her sister just moved to a new town. Where strange things happen and people have gone missing. I already have the villain and I know how I’m going to incorporate it into the story. Aria and her love interest are in high school so idk where to go from there

Hi! I was wondering maybe for your title it can be “Enchanting Love” or “Love Spell”

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Ooooooooo I like that… it has a nice ring to it

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I think a good beginning scene should be a flash forward with MC during a dramatic moment like a final showdown with villain then cuts away or a flashback showing something related to MC’s ancestors or even the villain.
Sometimes high school beginnings feel the same as others unless you do a montage of MC saying hi or chatting with classmates then showing a missing poster of each one.

Ok cool thanks for the feed back:)

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No problem! Good luck and keep writing :purple_heart:

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what’s the plot?

The plot is kinda of a twilight kind of story but not really idk how to explain it

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