Need help with a background

does anyone have a background like the entrance before entering an office? maybe like a secretaries desk or something similar

Have you had a look through the art catalog?

yeah there are a few backgrounds in the art catalog that sound like what you are asking for. You should check it out and if there aren’t any that you like i could try to make something

i’ve looked but its not exactly what im looking for

okay. I can see what I can do. What kind of office are we talking about?

like maybe the entrance before an office with a desk outside. a secretaries desk. with papers and a conputer on the desk. idk if that makes sense

Okay that makes sense I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

thank you so much

I have some office background in my Google Drive. Maybe it’s something you can use:

were you going to use one of her backgrounds or would you still like me to make you one?

oh sorry but yea no she has one similar to what im looking for but thank you.

cool :slight_smile: