Need help with a bar counter overlay


In a scene I have two characters in front of a counter and one behind, but I can’t get it to work. How do I position the overlay and the characters?


You have to use layers…

@CHARACTER (the one BEHIND the overlay) moves to layer -3
The overlay at layer -2

@OTHER CHARACTER1 moves to layer 1
@OTHER CHARACTER2 moves to layer 2


The character isn’t staying behind the overlay


Now I’m confused, lol.

@Dara.Amarie @RudeInception @Purple_Ghost @WinterMoon05


You need to place the overlay at a layer.
BACKGROUND with OVERLAY at layer 1

Then place the character behind the bar at layer 0 and the characters in front of the bar at layer 2


Oh fml. I’m sorry.
and thanks Elise, lol.


This is what I have
INT. BAR - DAY with BAR COUNTER at layer 1
@JASON moves to layer 0
@APHRODITE moves to layer 2
@JESSE moves to layer 2

Jason is supposed to be behind the counter but won’t stay behind the overlay


Try spotting him too


Hey I’m trying to write and I actually need a bar overlay because the default doesn’t have one help!


I got mine from @smg.episode, but I think she closed her drive with the documents. You could try @alexa_episode