Need help with a bedroom background [CLOSED]

Heya everyone!

I’m writing a new story and I want to add a window overlayer, but I’ve two issues :grimacing:
Would someone like to help me, please? :pray:t3:

I’m using this bedroom background for my main character and I would like to have her behind a window overlay.
The first issue is that I can’t get my main character behind the bed (like, by the upper left window) and the second issue is that I can’t find nowhere a background what I can use where she is standing, behind that overlay. I would love to have that sort bed and stuff behind her.
And I can’t find nowhere only a window overlay, what is closed.
I can’t edit or draw, so I don’t know where to start…

Thank you in advance!


I can make the bed and window overlays. Which window do you want as an overlay? The left or right one?


I would really like that!
The left window please, that one next to the bed.


Btw, would you also like to make a overlay from only the sheets of the bed? I need also that overlay :sweat_smile:
If you don’t want to make that overlay, it’s okay!

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@Nick can you close this topic for me, please?
Thank you in advance! :blush: